Workshop ERF 2016

euRobotics topics group
'ethical, legal and social issues' (ELS)

Workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2016

16:15-17:45 on 22 March 2016, Ljubljana

Christophe Leroux (CEA, Paris) & 
Vincent C. Müller (Anatolia College/ACT)

1. RockEU results
This CA is finishing in July 2016. This session will present the results of the actions undertaken on ELS issues in robotics since the beginning of the CA. The session will gather people from different horizon: roboticists, socio economist, jurists. It will be a good opportunity to debate about ethical issues, jobs and robotics, and current regulations concerning robotics. It will be a chance to discuss about the next actions planned to overcome difficulties. It will consist of 3 presentations to stimulate a debate with the assistance. Remarks will be synthesized to improve the document that will be produced by the RockEU CA to possibly serve as references to the SPARC PPP.
(a) Introduction by C. Leroux, CEA
(b) Robotics and employment, U. Zierahn, (ZEW)
(c) Mindmap & Roadmap on Ethical issues, A. Winfield (UWE)
(d) Regulations and robotics, B. Bottalico (Pavia)
2. ELS topics group
The TG is now being re-organised and much more active. We want to ask you, what do you want to do, what do you want the TG to do? How should we build a community? What could be a useful service to the community? How can be improve visibility
These issues were set by VCM and a lively discussion ensued. It was stressed that ELS issues are central for the EC. The discussions will result in a number of activities on PR, identification of central issues, policy/politics engagement, links to extant work, questionnaire on specific issues, cooperation with robohub, possible RockEU2 funded activities, identification of ‘experts’ for journalists, etc.