euRobotics Topics Group "Ethical, Legal and Socio-Economic Issues"

euRobotics topics group "Ethical, Legal and Socio-economic issues" (ELS)

We are the experts on matters of ethical, legal and socio-economic issues (ELS) in the European robotics association, called "euRobotics". The European Commission and euRobotics have entered into a public-private "partnership for robotics in Europe" - this partnership is called SPARC. SPARC is currently running the biggest non-military funding program in robotics, world-wide (in H2020).

Our themes: There is public concern that robotics poses a threat to society (job security, privacy, quality of life, peace, labour safety, product safety, responsibility/liability, etc. etc.), and there is no established framework of policy, legal and technical standards to address these challenges. The ELS topics group runs and supports activities between robotics research, robotics industry, policy makers, opinion makers and end-users and advises these stakeholders on the complex issues at hand. Its members work on ethical, legal and socio-economic problems of robotics, with expertise from a variety of backgrounds.

Chair: Prof. Vincent C. Müller (ACT & ULeeds),,


- We published our 2017 Position Paper on Ethical, Legal and Socio-economic Issues in Robotics

- We organised 3 workshops at the European Robotics Forum 2017 in Edinburgh - 


Points of Contact:

Ethics: Prof. Vincent C. Müller (ACT & ULeeds),

Legal: Dr Andrea Bertolini (SSSA Pisa),

Socio-Economic: Prof Maarten Goos (UUtrecht),


Mailing List

The group operates a low volume internal mailing list for discussion among members ( It's address is - postings only possible from list members.