Information for authors & presenters

We have 30 minute slots, so each presenter will have ca. 20 minutes for their talk, plus 8 minutes discussion time. The rooms have computers and projector - please make sure your data is on that computer (not your own laptop) in the coffee/lunch break before your session starts. If you want to use printed handouts, make sure you bring these.
The poster stands are ca. 1x2m, including 'legs'. So, posters should be max A1 (landscape or portrait) or A0 (portrait). Posters remain on stands, available in in all 4 coffee breaks. Velcro for fixing is provided.
You can print the poster in Leeds, rather than bringing it with you, but in that case you would need to come on Friday and make sure that you are in touch with a relevant print shop beforehand.

The accepted papers and posters of this conference, are forthcoming in: Müller, Vincent C. (ed.), (2018), Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence III (SAPERE; Berlin: Springer).

31.1.18 paper submissions on EasyChair
28.2.18 reviews on EasyChair
31.3.18 final versions on EasyChair
15.4.18 final versions to publisher
Note: We will re-review the submissions between the authors, in February. The assumption is that accepted papers and posters will be of sufficient quality for the publication if and only if they are put in the appropriate shape.


- Papers max. 7500 words (12 pages in the SAPERE format), including everything

- Posters max. 1800 words (3 pages in the SAPERE format), including everything
Formatting guidelines are on the SAPERE site. Please use the Springer LaTeX or Word templates.Full papers will be re-submitted on EasyChair and peer reviewed a 2nd time. Submission to Springer is taken care of by the editor.

We will use the  "Springer SocPsych" Author-Date reference style (sample), which is basically "APA 6th". (Program files: EndNoteZoteroBibTeX.)

Detailed technical guidelines and templates (Word/LaTeX) are on   Our papers are ‘chapters’ of the volume, so relevant points are on We will not make an index. The usage of Springer's (antique) templates is not mandatory. Alternatively, a) for Word, use the template or a blank document and with the default settings and styles (e.g., for heading styles, lists, footnotes, etc.) - but do use styles rather than formatting by hand. b) For LaTeX Aaron Sloman has kindly provided additional detailed instructions. For authors working with 'Word': please avoid inserting equations as graphic files. Use the Math function of Word 2003 or 2007, MathType or Microsoft Equation Editor to create your equations.

A complete submission will comprise:

  1. Paper with references in pdf
  2. Paper with references in source file (Word or LaTeX) - 'attached' in EasyChair
  3. Abstract (150-250 words, no references) - direct text in EasyChair and in the paper
  4. 3-5 Keywords - direct in EasyChair, not in the paper
  5. Permissions to copyrighted material, if applicable

The final formattting is done by Springer. This is called a "Submission" on EasyChair - please do not use the 'proceedings' submission! (The new EasyChair site is for the publication only. The old one, for the conference, is closed.)

Submission site: