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General Description


The Annual Meeting of the International Association for Computing and Philosophy

Anatolia College/ACT
Thessaloniki, Greece
July 2-4, 2014

The 29th annual conference on Computing and Philosophy will be held at Anatolia College/ACT in Thessaloniki, Greece.

We expect ca. 80 researchers from around the world; half from Europe and half from the Americas and Asia.

Some of the problems discussed are:
- What can computers do?
- Is the human brain a computer and is thinking computing?
- Are computers intelligent or will they be?
- What would happen if computers and robots are more intelligent than humans?
- What are the limits of computer science?
- What are the ethical problems generated by computers?
- How do computers influence culture?

Guests are welcome for the keynote talks. Otherwise, registration is necessary:

Several of the speakers are world-leading experts in their fields, for example:

Ronald Arkin - robotics, ethics of robotics (esp. robots in war)

Gregory Chaitin - theoretical computer science

Selmer Bringsjord - philosophy of computing and artificial intelligence

S. Barry Cooper - theoretical computer science

Wilfried Sieg - mathematical logic


Prof. Vincent C. Müller, <>
(Μιλάει Ελληνικά)
+30 6942 606171

Theodoros Gantinas
+30 694 4841005

Public Relations:
Όλγα Τσαντήλα
Media Relations & Communications Officer, Anatolia College
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