Thessaloniki offers a wide range of good hotels at reasonable prices and early October is a time where hotels are not overbooked. We recommend to stay in the city center - a good place to go out in the evenings or to walk about, visit historical sites, etc. 

We will provide a shuttle bus from the center to the conference site, Anatolia College and back - for details see the program. (See also the "Town Map" for the location of center and College.)

Here are just some ideas for slightly better hotels - try the common travelers sites, also:
Andromeda (central & nice, styling a bit 'heavy'?) 
Anatolia (pleasant modern place, a short walk from center, immediate surroundings shabby)
City (good central location, business)
Daios Luxury Living (central, on seafront, new)
Electra Palace (flashy, not cheap, on the central square of town)
Excelsior (central, new, high class, not cheap)
Luxembourg (central, traditional, economical)
Macedonia Palace (big classic high-class, reasonable prices, on the sea)
Met (stylish modern, a longer walk to the center)
Olympia (short downhill walk to center, good area for food & coffee, economical)


For alternative ways to stay you might try: