Travel to Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki airport (SKG) is close to the College venue and the city center. College: 15 minutes by taxi. Center: 30 minutes by taxi or 45 minutes by bus (no. 78, runs 24 hours, normal fare €0.80). The airport has direct flights to pretty much all major European cities (85 airports in 26 countries), especially in northern Europe.

A quick check on [.de;; etc.],, or a similar site will give you an impression how you can get here (but they might exclude low cost airlines like germanwings, Ryanair, Easyjet, Sky Express, JetAirfly). Live information about the airport and flights at Flightstats. The best thing probably still is to ask a human travel agent who knows their job ...

The following airlines fly to and from Thessaloniki:

Aegean Airlines
Air Berlin
Air France
Athens Airways
Austrian Airlines
British Airways
Brussels Airlines
Cyprus Airways
Etihad Airways
JAT Airways
Malaysia Airlines
Olympic Air
Sky Express
Thomas Cook
Turkish Airlines
VIM Airlines

More than enough details about flights to and from Thessaloniki on

A guide to the airport and travel to-from there: