Online submission

Full Paper Submission

Papers accepted for IACAP 2014 are offered the chance for publication. Preliminary title: Müller, Vincent C. (ed.) (forthcoming 2014) "Computing and Philosophy: Proceedings of IACAP 2014", (Synthese Library) Springer: Berlin.

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 15.08.2014

Final Version Submission Deadline: 15.10.2014

Technical Guidelines

Full papers are submitted on EasyChair (new site on and peer reviewed a 2nd time between the authors. Submission to Springer is taken care of by the editor.

We will use the  "Springer SocPsych" Author-Date reference style (sample), which is basically "APA 7th". (Program files: EndNote, Zotero; BibTeX.)

Papers should not exceed 6500 words in total - less is more!

Detailed technical guidelines and templates (Word/LaTeX) are on Our papers are ‘chapters’ of the volume, so relevant points are on We will not make an index. The usage of Springer's (antique) templates is not mandatory. Alternatively, a) for Word, use the template or a blank document and with the default settings and styles (e.g., for heading styles, lists, footnotes, etc.) - but do use styles rather than formatting by hand. b) For LaTeX Aaron Sloman has kindly provided additional detailed instructions.

A complete submission will comprise:

  1. Paper with references in pdf
  2. Paper with references in source file (Word or LaTeX) - 'attached' in EasyChair
  3. Abstract (100-250 words, no references) - direct text in EasyChair and the identical text in the paper
  4. 3-5 Keywords - direct in EasyChair, not in the paper
  5. Permissions to copyrighted material, if applicable


Abstract Submission [closed]

We request anonymous abstracts of 800-1000 words (excl. references) in plain text or PDF, plus a short abstract of up to 120 words. Accepted papers will be presented at the conference and considered for the proceedings - subject to peer-review of the full paper. (We plan to provide a copy of the proceedings to the corresponding author.) Submission and presentation at the conference do not entail an obligation of the author(s) to publish in the conference proceedings.

The submission process is the same for all papers and symposia, but in the process you are asked (after 'title' and 'abstract') to specify the 'category' of your submission: paper for main track, paper for 'young researchers symposium', or symposium proposal submission. - The option for symposium papers will be added when actual. The choice of symposia is relevant for the acceptance chances (better on a symposium theme, or easier in 'young researchers') but has no relevance for selection for publication.

Selected paper submissions will be accepted as posters.

All submissions will be reviewed double-blind, by at least two members of the programme committee.

Submission online at EasyChair:

Technical note: The EasyChair system will ask you for an "abstract" and a "paper". For us, "abstract" refers to the short abstract (up to 120 words) in plain text, while "paper" refers to the long abstract (600-1000 words), which can be submitted as a PDF or plain text. Accordingly, please do not use the check-box "Abstract Only". (The abbreviation "Corr. Auth." stands for "corresponding author".)