IACAP 14 will include symposia on special themes, as well as a symposium especially for young researchers. For questions on these symposia, please be in touch with the respective organisers:

  1. Anti-reductionist computational metaphors in evolution, metamathematics and the contemporary human self-image - Organiser: Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic (9 papers, Wednesday 3rd)
  2. Robotics: from Science Fiction to Ethical and Legal Issues - Organisers: Sabine Thuermel, Fiorella Battaglia, Barbara Henry (Thursday 2nd)
  3. History and philosophy of computing - Organisers: Giuseppe Primiero and Liesbeth De Mol (9 papers, Thursday 3rd)
  4. SuchThatCast - Organiser: Johnny Søraker (Friday 4th)
  5. Lightning Rounds - Organiser: Don Berkich (Friday 4th)